This section features "Top 10 Lists" submitted by guest artists, guitarists (both amateur and professional), WristRock
guitar watch dealers, customers and friends of WristRock. We know our published lists create controversy,
discussion...even anger over who the best guitarists are in any given genre.  
We have created this chapter exclusively for the right to express your opinion on who are the best. We invite all our
readers to submit their Top 10 List. Please organize your list in conjunction with the categories as they appear in the
in this interactive forum, please see instructions (below).
Submit your Top 10 list through our store email system. Be sure to include a You Tube video link with each artist
as well as your name (or screen name) and city, state and country of residence. If you are a player and wish to list
your gear, please do so. Our videos are set to maximum resolution (switchable based on your PC equipment from the
You Tube screen menu. We also feature the best digital sound quality, We have gone to great pains to audition  
videos from all available public domain sources. We have attempted to select the best combination of high quality
video and audio sound tracks. Of course, in the case of older or deceased artists or rare videos, the quality may be
compromised. We understand this but ask that you make the effort to find the best complete production. In the case of
more obscure artists, it's possible no video may exist. In these cases we have selected the best digital audio tracks of
these artists' talents, even if it's only the soundtrack from their original CD or album.
Finally, we also know none of us have editorial control or censorship over the language used by performers, You
Tube viewers' comments under the videos, or the audiences attending these live shows. We ask that all our viewers
keep this in mind when using our You Tube video links. In a perfect world, all performers would exercise restraint on
stage, all viewer comments would be articulate, positive (or negative), and contain no profanity. In that same perfect
world,  audiences attending live concerts would exercise some degree of self control.
Here's a bulletin for the faint of heart...Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world. Hence, WristRock cannot accept the
responsibility for any general lack of common sense or self control displayed by any of the above. We do, however,
monitor the comments made on Guitar Maniacs. Please use discretion or your comments will be removed. Peace!
Here is the current directory of our guest contributors with a clickable link to their Top 10 page:
Steve : Spring Green, Wisconsin
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Richard : Naples, Florida
Anne : Correspondent, Gibson Lifestyles, Lansing, Michigan
Dale : Phoenix, Arizona
Tony "Mojo" Morgan : Haverfordwest, England
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Lennart : Göteborg, Sweden
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Yann Viet : Paris, France
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Piero : Crispiano City, Taranto, Italy