(According to Guitar One Magazine)  
Born February 23, 1956 in Chicago, MAB began playing at age 5. After
jazz guitar lessons, theory and composition in college, he became a
commercial session composer for corporate America. I'm guessing "
or this
Eddie Van Halen Tribute weren't' among his corporate jingles! His
recording career began in 1984 w/ the heavy metal band, Holland. In 1987,
Batio joined glam metal artist Jim Gillette to form Nitro. More importantly, he
was the first artist to focus on marketing instructional videos.
Though MAB never achieved chart success, he has achieved Rock God
status. As instructor to
Tom Morello and Mark Tremonti, he has emerged
as a guitar entrepreneur w/ unique patents on the
Double Guitar (a
V-shaped, twin-neck  which can be played both right- and left-handed),
and the
Quad Guitar (two 7-stringers on top w/ two 6-stringers below as
seen in this
tribute to Metallica), Not too shabby on a straight 6-string
either as shown in his DVD "Hands Without Shadows:
Tribute to Rock
Guitar. He has earned the status as the world's best shredder by leading
guitar mags. With self-taught ambidexterity, he can play two guitars at
once, either synchronized or using separate harmonies, including playing
two different parts at once in this tribute to Randy Rhoads in "
Crazy Train".
Dude is
out there as seen clips of MAB. Michael hosts the active MAB
Chris Impellitteri was born September 25, 1964 in Connecticut. Impellitteri.
Influenced by Eddie Van Halen, Uli Jon Roth and Al Di Meola, his maniacal
speed shredding is his anger release over the loss of his parents to suicide.
Shed Your Blood" was a tribute to this tragedy in Chhris' life.)
Most people's fingers would catch fire, especially doing his 17th Century chicken-picking technique. But Chris' rage
seems to propel him to some amazing riffs like "
Lost in the Rain", "Rat Race", "Countdown To The Revolution".Chris
also has a love for show tunes believe it or not. Check out his version of “
Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” In 2012,
Chris has a new band and a new project:
Animetal USA consisting of Storm Bringer (Rudy Sarzo, bass), Metal-Rider
(Mike Vescera, vocals), and Tank (Jon Dette, drums). Impellitteri discusses how the band was put together in this
interview with Premier Guitar. The new band is quite popular in Japan as this recent concert at Loudpark 2011
shows. Chris'
Top 10 Solos? For more info and some instructional videos on shredding, visit Chris' fan site.
Chris' most successful  album, "Wicked Maiden" (2009), features a second
stint with
Rob Rock on vocals. Last of a Dying Breed" shows Rob's
development as a lead vocalist.  Graham Bonnet did an amazing job on
vocals in Chris' absence.
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In 1988, Chris Impellitteri founded Impellitteri with English singer Graham
Bonnet, Chuck Wright (bass), Phil Wolfe (keyboards) and Pat Torpey
(drums). The band achieved a breakthrough in Japan with
Stand in Line, with
a guest shot by bassist Randy Rand. At the time of
"Stand in Line", Rob Rock
was with
Joshua, who had released a CD called "Intense Defense". It's now
out-of-print and extremely rare. In 2000, Impellitteri recorded
Crunch, which
experimented with progressive guitar effects with an intense velocity in tempo.
Vocalist, Rob Rock, left to pursue a solo career before the album release.
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