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Chronology (Newest to Oldest) according to WristRock customer and Guitar Maniac, No Parachute
David Gilmour reuniting with Roger Waters on The Wall Tour performing "Comfortably
Numb" at London's O2, May, 2011. Here's a
behind-the-scenes look at  that memorable
reunion. WristRock rates this the "Best" only because, whenever it happens, we always
think it may be the for the last time. From "The Wall" album of 1979, this was the last
song Waters and Gilmour wrote together. In 1986, Waters left the band and felt there
should be no Pink Floyd without him. They reunited only twice since: Live 8 in 2005 and
this performance in 2011.
"Learning To Fly" written by David Gilmour, Anthony Moore, Bob Ezrin, Jon Carin and
released in 1987 on the "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" album.  Great
HD stage
effects.   Unfortunately, it's Pink Floyd, less Roger Waters. Only true classic in David's
Pink. There were 3 distinct Pinks: Syd's Pink, Rogers's Pink and David's Pink since
1986. You'll note Roger Waters tours as Roger Waters. Only David still uses the Pink
Floyd namesake.
Full 10 min HD version. Written in 1974 as a tribute to founding member Syd Barrett. Written
in 1974 written by Waters, Wright, and Gilmour and recorded in 1975 for the "
Wish You
Were Here
" album. Originally a 9- part song, Dick Parry was brought in to play the infamous
sax solo. He also played on "
Us And Them" and "Money" on Dark Side Of The Moon.
This spine-tingling video Includes another Waters' tribute to Syd Barrett.  As a viewer
noted: "
In only 26 minutes, they watered more eyes than any other show in the
with their performance of  "Speak to Me/Breathe/Breathe (Reprise)",
"Money",  and "Comfortably Numb". Here's a behind the scenes look at their
rehearsal for the G8 show.
Best video quality of "Time" by Waterless Floyd in live performance at Earls
Court, London, 1994. Includes the reprise of Breath at the end. Time was
recorded for "The Dark Side of the Moon" in 1973. Powerful lesson. Carpe Diem!
1. Comfortably Numb ~ London's O2 Arena, May, 2011
2. Learning to Fly ~ David Gilmour's Division Bell Tour, 1987
3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond  ~  Live at Knebworth, England, 1990
4. Wish You Were Here ~ London "Live 8" Concert, July 2, 2005
All four members, Gilmour, Waters, Mason and  Wright reunited for their first
performance together in 24 years at this 2005 London concert. The purpose,
according to Gilmour who organized the event was "to persuade G8 leaders to make
huge commitments to the relief of poverty and increase aid to third world countries".
Previously, their last show with Roger Waters was at
Earls Court in London on June
17, 1981.
In a touching display after the last song, Gilmour said "Thank you very much, good night" and started to walk off the
stage. Waters called him back and the band shared a group hug... a special Kodak moment. As they walked off stage,
Nick Mason threw his drumsticks into the audience. With his subsequent death, in September 2008, this was the final
concert to feature all four bandmates.
5. Time ~ Earls Court, London, 1994
#1 all-time Greatest Album Cover
Music Radar. Readers' Poll
1 - 5
Background: Many think the song is about drugs, Waters, who wrote the lyrics, says
it's about what he felt as a child when he was sick with a fever. As an adult, he got
that feeling again sometimes, entering a state of delirium, where he felt detached
from reality. Some interesting interpretations out there about Syd going into diabetic
shock before shows and the "pinprick" being insulin shots to allow him to perform.
Gilmour, who wrote the music while working on a solo album in 1978, believes this
song is divided into 2 sections, dark and light. The light are the parts that begin
"When I was a child..." which Gilmour sings. The dark are the "Hello, is there
anybody in there" parts, sung by Waters who wrote the lyrics. Many believe a
disagreement over which of 2 versions to put on The Wall led to their ongoing feud.
Background: Gilmour in a 1987 "Only Music" interview claims LTF is about breaking free
and the actual mechanics of learning to fly an airplane. The dubbed over voice of pilots
talking is actually a recording of Nick Mason during a flying lesson. According to his book
"Inside Out", both Mason and Gilmour were terrified of flying but eventually got their pilot
licenses to overcome their fear.
Gilmour even owns a company called Intrepid Aviation
This was the last song for which Richard Wright received writing credit for before Roger
Waters offed him during
The Wall sessions four years later. Waters' increasing domination
of band affairs and material selection combined with Wright's mounting personal problems
led to his departure. He rejoined the band in 1987 after Waters, himself, left the band.
Background: Pink Floyd started playing this live over a year before the album came out.
The band thought they could improve on songs if they played them at concerts before
recording them. At the time, it was known as "Shine On.
"When (Syd) was young, he shone like the "sun". Later, he cried for the "moon". In Dark Side of the "Moon", we hear
about the "lunatic" ; an old term describing the insane as "moon struck". Sadly, the "sun" was eclipsed by the "moon".
Background: The man who did their cover art, Storm Thorgerson, was the first to suggest the album title. This is the
only song Roger Waters continued to play at his shows after leaving Pink Floyd that David Gilmour helped him write.  
Everyone has an opinion about what this songs means. To this writer, it's about absence on many levels. We all miss
someone in our lives that was once present, important and close. Roger misses Syd. Think about who you wish were still
here. That's what this song is about.  Here's a great unplugged version of "
Wish You Were Here" by David Gilmour.
Eagle Rock has documented the making of "Wish You Were Here" in a DVD that went to #1 in the UK and US the week it
was released. It tells the story of the making of this landmark release through new interviews with Roger Waters, David
Gilmour and Nick Mason and archive interviews with the late Richard Wright. Here's a
trailer for the video.
"Up until I was about 28, I'd thought that everything I did was in preparation for my real life, which I'd start at some point
wasn't any such thing as prep time for it. I'd missed the starting gun." --- Roger Waters on the inspiration for "Time"
Pure genius of Pink Floyd. Only song on Dark Side Of The Moon that all 4
members received writing credit. Centerpiece to an album The album has gone
15x Platinum with over 34 million copies . On U.S.charts for
762 consecutive
The song starts with layers of clock noises that were put together by their
engineer, Alan Parsons. Each clock was recorded separately at an antiques
store, and the band blended them together. Parsons wanted to use the clocks to
demonstrate a new quadraphonic sound system, but they ended up using it to
open the song instead.
For tour dates, CD purchases and "official" information here are the websites: Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Roger Waters
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