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Want to impress your family, friends or co-workers not break the bank?
These are beautiful, fully functional (and guaranteed) replicas of some of the most distinctive
and expensive brand name watches and fashion accessories you cannot find on popular
auction sites and classified ad websites. Genuine Rolex, Ferrari, Piaget, Daniel Roth,
Eberhard & Company and Chanel will sell for $2,000 and up on eBay, eBay Classified, Etsy
and Craig's List. Such replica or "faux" brand names are prohibited from listing on these
websites. There are two reasons:
- Sellers often try to fool unknowing Buyers listing faux models as
genuine but priced as genuine hoping Buyers cannot tell the difference.
- Popular auction sites earn as much as 10% commission on the selling
price. Of course they want you to spend $3,000 instead of $300!
We tell you up front, these are well crafted, detailed replicas. They are virtually impossible to
distinguish them from authentic brand names. Your satisfaction is assured with Pay Pal's
Buyer Protection Program, assuring all items are received as described with the option of a
14 day money back guarantee
** Note: Pay Pal refunds are issued within 10 days of product being returned in the exact same condition and configuration as shipped.
Any attempts by Buyer to open, tamper with, modify  or self-service products void the warranty and return priviledge. No refunds are
issued for original shipping charges or return insured shipping costs. Buyer must first obtain RMA # (Return Merchandise Authorization) to
identiify return shipments. Returns must be received within 10 days of RMA# issuance date.